Touristy Tram & Trendy Misson District

September 7, 2017


(Slideshow above this time! 🙃)

Today was a normal day for Americans but a very fun day for us! Firstly we went out for breakfast in a little cafe called 'Dotties True Blue' which was very tasty but made your stomach almost explode from fullness; I had one pancake with maple syrup and I felt like I couldn't eat another thing! 🤢 After that we went on the famous San Francisco tramline (we did the Powell and Hyde track), while you were in the queue you could watch the people that work the trams push the massive thing around on a turn table (they don't have reverse)! After a stroll to the very touristy Fisherman's Wharf and a visit to a museum that showed everything about the history of SF, we went to the Mission district and I got an ice-cream which was a bit different to normal ice creams as the ice-cream was caramel mixed with chocolate mixed with vanilla and it was in a cookie sandwich 🤤🤤🤤! Then we went to a nice cafe which was called 'Craftsman and Wolve' (very trendy, super friendly staff!). Next we went to a murals zone called Balmy Ally (graffiti everywhere!). We started to walk to find a nice place to have a drink in but we got enticed into a very unusual shop (never seen one like it before!); it was full of taxidermy like a stuffed neck and head of a giraffe (it was huuuugggeee!and goats heads and even little mouse heads on little magnet mounts! The shop also had loads of fossils, including a megladon tooth!!! And the last thing the shop had was gems loads and loads of gems. All in all the shop was trendy and a nice way. Finally, to finish off the day, we went for a nice drink at a place called 'Brasserie St James' which also had very freindly staff and a very nice look to it. So the conclusion is: We had a brill day! 😃


P.S. think I'm over the jet lag now!



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