Grand Canyon

September 20, 2017




The Grand Canyon…state of Arizona, USA; stunning views, amazing sunsets, different shades of red and yellow everywhere you look,  Junior park ranger scheme (my fav 😛) etc. 


The Grand Canyon is very well known everywhere around the world - people say it's “one of the 7 natural wonders of the world” and I agree! 


It took the Colorado River over 6 million years of slowly munching its way through the layers of stone and sediment (millions of years ago there was an ocean here) to shape it as it is today.

Little fun fact: The Grand Canyon at its longest stretch is 277 miles long, the exact distance from London to Newcastle!!!

Also - it is well over a mile deep, so stacking six Eiffel Towers on top of each other still wouldn’t be enough to climb out of it 😳 I learned all this when I did my junior park rangers badge 😉.


There are two types of people who go to the Grand Canyon… those who just get out of their car, look around for half an hour or so and then drive on (or in the Chinese’s case, back on the bus 😆). There is also a lot of people flying in for an hour or so from Las Vegas. 

And then there is the other type of people who stay for a day or two and hike down the canyon, kayak down the Colorado River etc. and really get the whole experience, from sunrise to sunset, top to bottom.


Either way, the Grand Canyon is certainly among the best picture opportunities you will get in America (there’s quite a few more very good ones though! as you will see from my other posts 😃). 


Overall it is a must see because it’s so amazing and one of America’s biggest landmarks (quite literally, because you can see it from space 🚀🌙🌏 ) so go and have a look!! And I mean a proper look! 👀! Not just a peek!


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